I’m a wedding photographer in Scotland. I’ve been in business for over 10 years, and I love what I do. Weddings are such wonderful occasions, and I get to be part of the most important day in a person’s life. How cool is that?

I work around as a wedding photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Oban, with lots of couples coming from all over the UK to tie the knot. I also photograph lots of couples who live right here in Scotland. It’s such a beautiful country, and there are so many stunning locations you can choose for your wedding.

Unobtrusive wedding photography in Scotland

My style of wedding photography is unobtrusive which allows me to capture the natural moments on your big day. I love being able to preserve those special moments and emotions that take place on your wedding day. My style is natural, but I still capture all of the special moments that make your special day perfect. Choose me as your photographer and you’ll have a set of pictures that are beautiful and timeless.

My approach to weddings

I approach every wedding as an artist would approach their art: by capturing each moment with creativity and imagination. My goal is to evoke emotion and hearken back to all of the joy, excitement, and laughter (and all of the tears!) of your special day so that you can relive it whenever you want without ever having to dig through boxes full of pictures or video footage.

If you’re getting married in Scotland, consider the work of a wedding photographer who’s accustomed to capturing the beauty and essence of this region. I’ve been shooting weddings here for more than a decade, and have made it my mission to bring that same level of beauty and artistry to every set of photos. My galleries will feature images from all over the country—from the Highlands that inspired so many famous writers to the famous Loch Ness, where you might see some mythical beasts.

Scotland is a land of dynamic weather: one minute you could be basking in the sun on a tranquil loch or hillside, and the next minute, be caught by surprise with sleet blowing in your face. It’s always important to me to capture your day as it actually unfolded—and that includes rain or shine, no matter what time of year. With a body of work this big, I’m able to work with you beforehand to identify some special photo locations that are sure to make your day even better. I also want you and your loved ones to enjoy yourselves on your wedding day, so I’ll do everything I can to help keep you comfortable while we work together during your portraits, ceremony and reception.

Unforgettable photos

Treat your wedding photography as an investment in your future. These images will preserve the memories of this special day and can be handed down for generations to come.

You’ve spent months planning your wedding day, and have likely thought of just about everything. You picked out the perfect venue, a caterer that can handle all your guests, and even a florist who can turn your dream bouquet into reality. But there’s one thing you may have overlooked: you need someone to capture all the moments of the day in unforgettable pictures.


I’m available for weddings throughout the year but book early to avoid disappointment. If you’re planning your wedding and want to capture it through my lens, please get in touch!

I am also very flexible. I can come to you anywhere in Scotland (or even England if needed), and I’m happy to do group shots or individual shots and everything in between. This is especially helpful when it comes to family members. In addition to getting shots with just the couple, there are plenty of candids with both families together so that nobody feels left out.